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Quebec native Jean-Francois is an energetic, creative, and experienced producer who has been dedicated to taking on projects of any type for the past 11 years.

JF, now based in Toronto, Canada, has built a versatile creative arsenal through the years that has resulted in branded content worldwide, beginning in advertising before moving to vendor and production work.

His creative experience includes production and film content across both the U.S. and Canada with several national and global brands. With both marketing expertise and production proficiency, JF is dedicated to utilizing his experience and understanding of client’s needs to bring creative, individualized projects into fruition.



Branded Content
Motion Graphics
Docs & Narratives

Years of experience

That's professionally! But we all know we've been doing what we like for a lot longer.

Since his beginning, JF’s work in the field has ranged from commercials, such as the Budweiser Red Light, rebranding for Lincoln Motor Company, and brand sponsorships, as with CBC’s Steven and Chris. Well-known advertising agencies, national campaigns and small scale product placements have all been finely crafted to perfection in JF’s creative repertoire.  

Collaboration, professional experience, and energetic genuity from JF will take every project to the next level. Jean-Francois, a self-proclaimed creative hobo and minimalist advertiser, brings out-of-the-box thinking, personal connection, and years of field experience together to cultivate a one of a kind creative experience unlike any other.
My Process


Establish a line of communication with every key members during all the steps of the entire project.


Make sure each project is maximized for their allocated budget and that deadlines are met.


Build effective work teams with shared capacity where each member provides unique skills and knowledge that move the team forward.


Ensure the projects live, the delivery is completed with the goals and standard set-up.

Contact me

Want to work with me or just go for a coffee? Feel free to contact me for any more information. I’m sure we will achieve great things together!